Water Slide Rentals Madisonville, LA

Finding the right water slide rental in Madisonville is easy. Just call Jumbo Jumpers at 985-249-1362 or you can browse our huge, inflatable waterslides online. We’ve got plenty of clean, like-new condition inflatable waterslides that are ready for delivery to your party. From the 19ft Tropical Rush to the incredible, 24ft Xcelerator, we’ve got the right slide for you!

We’ve been proudly serving the Madisonville community with quality party rentals since 2008. We offer only the best bounce house combos, dry slides, inflatable water slides and spacewalks. All of our rentals are meticulously inspected and well maintained. These inflatables book quickly…get yours reserved today!

Best Selection of Inflatable Water Slide Rentals in Madisonville

Our selection of water slides for Madisonville range in size from 19ft, 22ft and 24ft. These slides are some of the largest and cleanest slides on the Northshore! Find the right inflatable water slide for your Madisonville party – SEE ALL MADISONVILLE WATER SLIDES.

Jumbo Jumpers also offers regular water slide specials with lower rates or extended rentals – keep your inflatable waterslide longer for more fun! We also offer extraordinary weekday rates that are great for churches, daycares, summer camps, schools and weekday parties! Ask about the special price for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday rentals.


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Why Choose Us for Your Water Slide Rental in Madisonville, LA

Clean & Versitile Inflatables


While other inflatable rental companies are pushing worn out Disney or character inflatables, we focus on safe, clean and maximum fun!

Excellent Reputation


We have one of the highest ratings on Google and Facebook for a reason! We work hard at customer satisfaction, professional delivery and super fun rentals.

We Learn & Improve


We've been in business since 2008. We consistently work to improve our service, our website and rental technology. We rotate our inflatables to be sure the stay clean and new!

Why Rent a water slide for your MADISONVILLE party?

Inflatable water slides make any summer party better! Our water slides are:

  • A Great Way to Get Relief From The Louisiana Heat
  • Safe for Ages 3yr to Adult
  • Delivered To Covington for FREE
  • Affordable & Super Fun
  • Great for All Party Themes
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