Rental Policies & Safety Regulations

By submitting an online rental request or quote, you are agreeing to this document in its entirety.


All rentals require a 25% down payment. The balance is due upon delivery and can be paid with VISA, MASTER CARD, cash, or by check.

Cancellation Policy

Customers that cancel a rental at least 14 days prior to the event date will receive a full refund of their deposit. Patrons who cancel a reservation less than 14 days from the event date will only receive a refund of the deposit if the reserved equipment can be rented to another customer on that date.

Customer Rental Contract and Liability Release

All rentals require an adult signature on a rental contract and liability release at the time of delivery.

Delivery and Pickup

You are guaranteed to have the inflatable for a minimum of 7 hours. Delivery and pickup times vary based on delivery routes, we always strive to arrive at least 1 hour before your event starts for setup and come back no earlier than 7 hours after your party starts for pickup. You will be to give you a more approximate time the day before delivery. In some cases, we may leave the inflatable overnight if our pickup schedule is full.

Bad Weather Policy

Weather conditions will be assessed on the morning of the rental date. If the chance of rain is 50% or less and weather conditions are favorable, we will deliver the inflatable and the customer is expected to accept delivery. If the chance of rain is 60% or greater, the customer has the choice to accept delivery or cancel the rental and receive a refund of the deposit. However; we reserve the right to cancel the rental if we believe the weather will be detrimental to our equipment or delivery personnel. Once the customer accepts delivery, full payment is due with no refunds.

Afternoon Parties and Overnight Rentals

If your party starts after 2 pm, we will give you the choice of leaving the inflatable overnight at no additional cost to you. If we can’t leave it overnight, you will still get a full 7 hour rental period.


It is unsafe operate the inflatable when there is rain, lighting, thunder, or winds in excess 20 MPH. Remove riders and deflate the unit by unplugging the blower.

Inflatable Operating Instructions

The rented equipment must be supervised at all times by a designated person who is responsible for the safe operation of the rented equipment as described in these instructions as well as any additional safety warnings posted on the rented equipment. The operator must be close enough to the rented equipment to verbally enforce the rules and to assist riders in entering and exiting.

Accidental Deflation

If the inflatable starts to deflate, instruct the children sit down. For slides, have the children slide down or climb down the ladder if less than half way up. Detach the roof of the inflatable (if applicable) and assist the children in exiting.

Periodic Checks

It is important to walk around and check the inflatable every 30 minutes. Make sure the blower motor remains securely attached and operating properly, the blower tube is not kinked, the anchoring straps and stakes are secure, and the electricity outlet remains operational.

Negligence / Abuse

If any damage occurs as a result of not following the rules, negligence, abuse, horse play, or exceeding maximum occupancy or weight limits, the renter will be responsible for the cost of the repairs or replacement of the equipment. If the unit is extremely dirty or has any gum, candy, silly string, or other contaminants, the renter will be charged a cleaning fee up to $250.00. Any permanent damage will be billed to renter at Jumbo Jumper’s discretion.

For maximum safety, please refer to the following rules:

• Objects not allowed on ANY of our inflatables: silly string, soap, bubbles, shoes, eyeglasses, belts, jewelry, scissors (any sharp objects), food, candy, gum, animals, toys, party streamers, confetti or other foreign objects. WARNING: Chemicals and dye in SILLY STRING, confetti and streamers cause PERMANENT damage to inflatables and renter will be responsible for damages. Having any of these items close to the inflatables or on the kid’s clothing could cause contact with inflatable – avoid these items at your inflatable party.

• Before entering the Inflatable, have the riders remove shoes, eye glasses, belt buckles and any sharp objects.

• No playing, jumping on a partially inflated/deflated unit.

• Never allow users to climb or play outside of the Equipment’s intended use (climbing the inside or outside walls of the unit, columns, netting or roof of unit).

• Never plug or unplug the motor repeatedly as this will cause the motor to burn up. Renters will be held liable for any resulting damage.

• An adult who has read and understands the Rental Agreement/Contract must supervise users at all times.

• Never allow users to be unsupervised in or around the Equipment.

• Never place a hose or water on or into the Equipment unless authorized by Jumbo Jumpers Inflatables.

• Do not allow horseplay on, in or around the Inflatable.

• Always follow the directions for use on the Inflatable.

Maximum Occupancy

If not posted on the inflatable, maximum occupancy is as follows: Bounce Houses: 5; Slides: 3; Combos: 6. Riders should be sorted by size to prevent injury.

Weight Limit

Weight limits per individual participate vary from 140-250 pound maximum depending on the inflatable. Please be aware of the weight limit and do not exceed it.